Fabric Knitting

The Knitting division of NR Group has been in operation since 1992. The group currently controls 825 sets of knitting machines, allowing us to produce 180 tons per day and 66700 pieces of collar & cuff. Our factories are fitted and designed to offer the finest quality products, utilizing ultra modern machines that enable our workers to produce to satisfy the most urgent requests while guaranteeing the highest performance and quality.

Our facilities can produce any type of knit fabric required to meet its current export demand, using the  worlds latest and most reliable knitting machines. We are able to deliver various type of knit fabrics, including single and double jersey, ribs, drop ribs, interlock, PKs, engineered strips, terry, fleece, and sweat, using any kind of blends like cotton polyester, cotton-poly modal, viscose, poly-viscose of various grams per square meter.

As part of our production, we possess a specialized facility for collars and cuff production, and we utilize Shimaseiki and Matsuya machines.

We are proud to say that our knitting production facility is the largest in Bangladesh.

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